A lot of people tend to prefer cats because they are generally perceived to be somewhat more hygienic than dogs. There is a pretty good chance that your cat will always relieve itself in the litter box that you have set aside for it, but if you don’t clean this litter box every day your cat might not feel comfortable peeing or pooping in it and that might lead to it going to what it thinks of as the second best option: your carpet.

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Even if your cat does not defecate or urinate on your rug, the truth of the situation is that it can still imbibe a bit of an unpleasant smell in your rug. This is because of the fact that cats have some bacterial life on them that they can transmit into your carpet fibers, so you definitely need regular carpet cleaning near me if you want to keep your pet without suffering such nasty consequences.

Not every carpet cleaning technique would work well for removing a cat’s smell, though. Shampoos might make the smell even worse because they can sometimes get left behind due to imprecise or improper rinsing. Based on our own experiences, you need to try steam cleaning to remove this smell. The heat of the steam kills the compounds that cause the odor to emerge, and on top of all of that it is perfectly safe to use around cats as well. Shampoos are less safe to use because your cat might try to lick them and that would result in it vomiting and potentially even collapsing which would be a truly horrible experience for you.