The use of knives in cooking is quite ancient historically speaking, and suffice it to say that they were among the first utensils to be used to ease up the process of crafting delicious meals at any given point in time. As society progressed, the kinds of knives that we decided to use to cut food up into bite sized chunks altered a fair bit. One of the most unique knife types that have come about in the modern era is the Japanese knife which is ideal for the delicate slicing the Japanese cuisine often entails in some way, shape or form.

cold steel knives

The thing is, if you want to use a Japanese imported steel core with damascus blade to level up your cooking skills perhaps due to your career path as a chef or just to eat healthier by preparing meals at home, you need to know how to sharpen them. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that Japanese knives are quite distinct from regular ones in that they only have a single edge.

This singular edge is the very thing that gives Japanese knives their unique appeal, so if you want to use one you need to keep this at the very top of your mind. Try to avoid sharpening the other end because this would only dull the knife and make it lose its razor sharp edge. Foods like sushi require the single edged blade otherwise the slices that you are trying to create might end up being a bit too thick, and that can ruin their texture as well as their flavor by a pretty huge amount.