Advertising has been a mainstay of virtually all businesses and industries since at least the past two centuries. While people still marketed their wares before that, suffice it to say that the techniques they used were not quite as sophisticated as what emerged in the aftermath of the industrial revolution. The modern era has some truly unique and innovative ways for you to advertise the small business that you are trying to get up and running off of the ground, so you should learn how to run these ads once all has been said and is now out of the way.

social media advertising examples

The most popular platform to put ads on is most likely going to be Facebook, and learning the Facebook advertising cost you would need to pay can be a great place to start. Generally speaking, you can run an effective marketing campaign on Facebook for as little as a hundred dollars, although taking this up to a thousand dollars will give you a hundred times more visibility than might have been the case otherwise despite only being ten times the aforementioned sum.

The key to running ads on Facebook effectively is to use all of the incredible targeting options that they have offered to you. These targeting options are great because they enable you to figure out who would actually take an interest in your products and services, and that can vastly boost the rate of engagement that you would get the chance to enjoy. It also gets you more bang for your buck, because you would get a far more superior click through rate that would turn into the envy of virtually every single one of your peers.