People tend to have really strong opinions about the sports that they are truly passionate about, but oftentimes our opinions regarding what actually constitutes as a professional sport can be rather myopic to say the least.

F1 Grand Prix of Abu DhabiAfter all, if you were to tell someone from fifty or sixty years ago that driving around in a car would become a massive sport once all has been said and is now out of the way, they would most likely start by laughing at you and then they would ridicule you for saying anything of the sort.

Regardless of that, sports like Formula 1 racing have started to take the world by storm. Max Verstappen is often thought to be the best Formula 1 driver of all time thanks to his ability to maintain his car’s trajectory at incredibly high speeds. If you think that this is something that anyone who knows how to drive can do, suffice it to say that your opinion is based on a lack of knowledge and getting some more information will make your opinion highly different from what it currently is.

The reason behind this is that F1 driving is very difficult and not everyone can do it well. For one thing, you have to be rather tall to be strong enough to control these kinds of cars. Versatappen is over 1.81 meters tall and this makes it easier for him to drive his cars than might have been the case otherwise. This is just one example of how car racing requires its contestants to be truly physically fit in a manner that few other people would be able to come close to competing against all in all.