A common assumption among pressure washing newbies who are trying to make ends meet is that they should charge as little as possible at this current point in time. That actually makes sense if all you have is a fairly surface level understanding of the manner in which things should be done, but taking a closer look at the matter at hand reveals that lower than average pricing schemes can often do a lot more harm than good without a shadow of a doubt.

is pressure washing safe for cars

You see, when a customer sees that you are charging less for pressure washing Pearland than your competitors, suffice it to say that the first thought that their mind would invariably drift towards is that you just don’t have what it takes to charge more. This will lead to customers thinking that you provide low quality services and are trying to make up for this by charging so little that you might occasionally get a few customers even if it is just by accident.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, a far better course of action for you to take here would be to charge the market rate, and at most decrease your rates by five to ten percent to get a competitive edge over your various rivals. The best rate for pressure washing a driveway is one hundred and fifty to two hundred dollars, and you should take great care not to undercut this lest you get perceived as someone that does not have the best interests of the industry at heart. You need to think long term instead of focusing on short term gains.