Professional carpet cleaning services are not exactly a new advent, but the recent invention of the internet along with the improved economic circumstances that facilitated far more people being able to buy carpets in the first place has resulted in a veritable explosion in the field. That said, since this is a service that reached its current level of popularity only quite recently, suffice it to say that consumers still have some misconceptions about it without a shadow of a doubt.

carpet cleaning services

These misconceptions are not harmful in and of themselves, but they can often lead customers to assume that they need to do a few things after carpet cleaning Baytown that are not all that necessary. The piecemeal nature of carpet washing information online creates a situation wherein customers only know part of the overall process. In this case, the part that they know of is that they need to do something after their carpet has been steam cleaned, and since they are trying to get a cleaner rug they logically assume that they have to wash their carpet after steam cleaning.

We would strongly recommend that you course correct your thinking process at this current point in time, since washing your carpet after steam cleaning is a lot like driving to work and then riding a bicycle up the stairs. You never have to wash your carpet if you get it steam cleaned. Indeed, the whole point of steam cleaning is that it is supposed to help you avoid carpet washing entirely. Your rug would start to stink up a storm if you wash it, so try to remember that steam cleaning already got your carpet clean enough.