If you are thinking of going global with your business strategy, you will need to hire a translation service provider in order to convert your marketing material from one language to others. However, there are different types of marketing translation. One is a simple marketing translation, and the other one is transcreation.

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If you have properly branded your business with the help of logos and text, you will need much more than just plain translation to go global. This is where the main difference between marketing translation and transcreation shows up. You can click here to learn more about these two.

In this article, we will explore the main differences between transcreation and marketing translation.

Adapting Vs. Recreating

Generally, marketing translation is related to translating text from one language into another one keeping the cultural context intact as well. For example, the marketing translator you hired will be responsible for using the right slangs, and any other cultural references which must be used when translating marketing content from one language into the other.

On the other hand, transcreation is more of a creative translation of one piece of advertisement into another language and culture.

Copy Vs. Branding

Marketing translation takes your current copy, and translates it into another language within the same words. Your target audience is kept in mind while creating marketing translation.

On the other hand, transcreation converts everything including logos, images, and the text written on your website for another audience. It is a much more time-consuming process, and you will have to pay more money for it as well.

Moreover, whenever you hire a person for transcreation, you will have to look for a highly skilled person who knows copywriting and marketing translation very well.