Southern Maryland is full of fascinating places and you’ll be surprised by the sheer number of tourist attractions and historical places it has, some of the cities are renowned and for tourists as well as old residents some of these places are still very special, the history and culture of this state is very diverse and that is why different cities offer different sort of recreation and interest, if you are planning a visit to southern Maryland then you must visit the following cities and its main attractions,


1 St. Mary’s city: This is Maryland’s first colonial city and is being built along the Chesapeake Bay and the history dates back to the early 1600’s when English Christian Settlers first came to here and the museum here has been built as colonial town which takes its visitors back in time and that is one of learning Maryland’s amazing history. And if you have had enough of history and museum and want a bit of fun then the Bay has a lot of fun activities as well, the renowned Drum point lighthouse is a tourist attraction which is also listed on the national register of historic places and it attracts tourist from all over the world and they keep on coming all year round.

Apart from historical sights and museums if you ask what is Southern Maryland known for then you’ll usually get wineries as an answer and there is an abundance of good wineries here, it is a culture here to go out on these amazing wineries and just spoil yourself with that luxury, though these trips cost a good amount people from different parts of the world are willing to spend that money just to experience that and it surely is once in a lifetime experience.